Fashion photography

Fashion photography implies a lot more than a whole package of exceptionally shot photos. It is an ensemble of a theme, a story, a product or simply the major elements of fashion that is highlighted in natural or artificial backdrop with just the right exposure to photographic lights.

Expert fashion photographer Dirk Franke says, “Fashion photography lighting is as much as an art as is fashion photography itself.” Fashion photography has been in high demand in the recent commercial marketing scenario where beauty sells; a beauty that is personified by the charm of the appealing fashion model, fiery or subtle backdrops that are breathtakingly awe-inspiring, the fashion photography lighting angles and a range of lighting exposure, the poses, the color effects and of course, the story that is untold by words but spread through the immaculate images.

Fashion photography lighting shelters varied sources of lighting and the use of each of these or a compilation of these is what makes for a killer photograph. Some fashion photographers’ use continuous lighting, but this can be very heavy and bulky, and has the disadvantage of generating lots of heat, which can be quite unpleasant in smaller spaces. Strobe lights on the other hand are a more practical option that offer a variety of possibilities when it come to manipulating light with umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors, colored gels and grid spots.

Natural lighting has no comparison, but adjusting natural lighting can be tricky. Fashion photographers manipulate natural light with accessories like scrims and reflectors and sometimes add strobe light to natural lit scenes, thus creating dramatic and unusual effects. Flash meters and modifiers are crucial in adjusting the light in situations like this.

Variety is automatically created when you manipulate the original look of a certain scene with the use of lights. Fashion photography is all about uniqueness and class and taking lessons on lighting techniques is an essential step in the much-in-demand career of fashion photography.
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Simple Shoes

Simples shoes may be grounded in ecological materials, but their SS11 children’s range shows that this is not at the expense of colour. Vivid pinks and purples unite with sleek designs resulting in styles any girly girl will jump at the chance to wear.

The range features eco-certified, vegan, organic, recycled and biodegradable materials. Examples include Take on Elastic in snow white, a slim white sneaker, with colourful rainbow band, is made of certified organic cotton and recycled elastic. The Take on Star, features perforated star shapes in eco-certified suede with recycled elastic laces.

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Casual Watch VS Antique Watch

You can own many types of watches – antique watches, luxury watches, pocket watches and different kinds of casual watches, it depends on what you want to go for. Who can afford change their watches with their mood and occasions. In all cases, it is just important to carry the feel good factor. You should wear something on you that you are comfortable with and not just copy what others are doing. If you like wearing casual watches, then these might just go with all occasions.

Before you want to choose your kind of casual watch, it is important to check out what is it that you want to buy in your timepiece? Of course, as discussed, comfort is one of the factors that need to be looked at. Secondly what is your style statement? Do you prefer wearing those big round chronogram watches that look huge on the wrists or do you want to carry small petite slim looking watches on your thin wrist. Or are you a person who does not prefer wearing wrist watches at all and only want to go for pocket watches. It all depends on your definition of a casual watch or antique watch or luxury watch. In fact it is difficult to put down a common distinction line between a casual watch and antique watch since mostly it depends on the choice of the wearer himself.

Casual watches are not necessarily the sporty looking watches that you can wear everyday to the college. If you wear golden watches to the office everyday, that might be your definition of a casual watch. Or if you like carrying your round pocket watch all the time which might be an antique time piece as gifted to you by your grandparents, that too might be a casual watch for you. So it really depends on the choice of the wearer.

Another important factor that judges your selection of watches is your budget. By definition of a casual watch, people do prefer buying something cheaper than more expensive antique or luxury watches. Something that is rough and tough and can be used daily as a time keeper. This means these can be generally sporty looking watches or even those plain gold plated or silver plated watches that can be worn daily. These are also usually battery operated rather than automatic watches. And if you want to speak about the dials, casual watches would necessarily have simpler dials with numbers rather than roman numerical which you can find on antique watches.

Mostly the feminine audience are more interested in wearing antique or luxury watches more than just casual watches. They would like to actually keep a separate watch for every occasion. One to go with evening gowns, one to be worn on that special date, a few more to be worn regularly and then some more traditional ones. So finally it depends on your individuality and your budget to own the kind of watch that suits your style.
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stylish Designer Sarees Collections Launched

Get fresh designer stylish Indian sarees collections have been launched at Sangamsarees.com, so feel the new essence of fashion pride with gorgeous designer sarees collections, with latest design and style fame to groom your fashion wears.
Maintaining Designer saree is little bit expensive. The Saree is usually dry cleaned and has to be wrapped in soft tissues. The sarees need to be aired often otherwise creases develop on the folds. The most important is the Blouse pattern, which is very important. Blouse patterns are inspired by latest fashion style & design.

Sangam Sarees uses high grade fabric in the manufacturing of premium quality Indian Saree. We lay special emphasis on quality and styling of our Indian Saree. We have a wide range of Indian Sarees including Indian Designer Sarees, Indian wedding sarees, Silk Sarees, Traditional and Indian embroidered Sarees, Party wear sarees, Formal wear
sari, Sarees with heavy embossed work, Casual sarees, printed sarees.

The designer Sarees of today are crafted beautifully and are adorned with elaborate and extravagant borders studded with semi-precious stones and gems. The Sarees from India are famous all over the world. The absolute elegant design, interlace of culture and the textured in the fabric material. The designer embroidery Sarees have both integrate handmade and machine made designs done on exquisite Sarees.
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